Colchester Veterinary Hospital, LLC

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Dental Services


Dental Cleaning & Polishing

Our hospital offers routine dental scaling and polishing services to dogs and cats in need of prophylactic dental care.


Dental Radiography

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients dental x-rays.  In addition to our standard dental cleaning and polishing service we also offer a comprehensive dental package which includes dental radiography.  Currently only 10% of veterinary facilities have the capability to take dental radiographs and we feel strongly that this service enhances the quality of medicine that our hospital can offer.

Dental radiographs can provide a tremendous amount of information.  Most owners are unaware that 80% of dental pathology is below the gingiva or gumline.  These hidden pathologies include painful conditions such as abscesses, fractured tooth roots, and resorptive lesions.  Furthermore, most owners are unaware that dental disease can have major systemic effects.  Dental disease is not just a mouth problem; it can lead to very serious diseases and infections of the heart, liver, and kidneys, to name a few.  This service can provide necessary information needed to detect, treat, and prevent such conditions that otherwise would go undiagnosed.  Please ask our doctors and staff if you are interested in discussing this service.


Dental Extractions

Our hospital is equipped to perform complex dental extractions requiring the use of dental surgical equipment.


Complex Dental Procedures

For dental procedures that require advanced training please discuss with our veterinarians the option of referral.